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Congratulations on your wedding at… on… We are delighted you have trusted us to be your wedding florist.

Welcome to your hive – this is where your floral journey begins! Think of this as your design studio, a place where great minds can come together to plan something beautiful and totally you. We have broken the process down into 5 simple steps so let’s get started!

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Let’s get started…

I am so glad you liked the ideas I put together in your proposal, this is your wedding, and we want your wedding flowers to reflect that.

Now is the exciting part to develop these ideas and turn your vision into something truly magical.

here’s how we are looking so far…

Colour Palette

let’s chat colour

I have selected a gorgeous colour palette, now its your turn to make any changes or pull up any colours you simply love!

Remember flowers are a natural, living product and we cannot promise an exact shade from each flower variety but we will work with your chosen colour palette to give you a stunning array of seasonal florals.

Flowers & Foliage

Now onto the important stuff the fleurs! Let’s delve a little deeper into your floral journey. Firstly seasonality is key, it’s almost criminal to not incorporate what is naturally in season within your floral designs. I am a big advocate for British flowers, not only growing our own in our floral garden to use in your wedding I work closely with local growers giving you the very best local seasonal flowers that will be in the spot light on your chosen date.

As well as being much better on the planet combined with all our sustainable floristry methods using British flowers will really make your wedding flowers sing- that I can promise you.


The Four F’s

I think its really important that you can understand some of the different types of florals that I will use in your floral designs. Let me introduce you to the 4 F’s, so what do I mean when I refer to the 4 F’s?

These are the 4 main elements I use to create my signature natural garden gathered look: Focal’s, Fillers, Foliage and a touch of magic.


These are the ones craving the centre stage, think large blousy peonies, wopping garden roses and dinner plate dahlias. These are the beauties that really catch your attention.


These are the grafters, the ones who will add depth and texture to your designs. Smaller headed florals which quite literally fill in the spaces, think scented sweet peas, stocks and phlox.


Never to be underestimated! Foliage comes in so many different varieties and shade, it beautifully compliments all the florals without over powering whilst adding its own stamp. Imagine zingy mint, twisting tendrils and gorgeous Jasmine- elegant yet super effective.

Finishing Touches

Then the ‘touch of magic’ these are the flowers that dance above the others adding the extra element that makes every arrangement and bouquet really sing. They are the true finishing touches that you remember for years to come.


your wedding month

As you’re getting married in April, here’s what will be in full bloom:

Tulips, anenomes, ranunculus, hyacinths, mascari, viburnum, spirea, blossom, poppies, fritillary, forget-me-nots, alstroemeria, roses. As well as seasonal flowers and foliage we work closely with our wholesalers and can obtain a variety of other florals all year round including roses, spray roses, alstroemeria, snapdragon, delphinium, lisianthus and clematis.

Tell me your thoughts

Please provide feedback on which designs and styles made your heart feel full, which didn’t make your heart sing.. it’s all about you so I want to know your thoughts!