about our flowers

At Sarah Harper Floral Design we’re continually inspired by nature.

It’s therefore a crucial part of our business to make sure we’re doing our bit to protect the environment that provides us with such beautiful materials to work with.

Working with us means friendly guidance towards floral choices that are as sustainable as they are stunning, and wherever possible we like to include blooms that have been cultivated in our on-site cutting garden and cared for with our own hands. We’ll point you towards British-grown flowers and local alternatives that suit your style whenever we can, and we also guarantee that none of our installations – no matter how elaborate – will be constructed using floral foam.

The cutting garden

Outside the studio, you’ll find our cutting garden. Come and explore, and see what we have growing. In spring and summer, it comes alive with scent and colour. The flowers we grow here are some of Britain’s finest, and a wide variety of seedlings fill this patch of flowers. Among them you’ll find delicate sweet peas, garden roses in a range of velvety hues, fragrant lavender and mint, dahlias, cosmos and the tall spikes of stocks blowing gently in the breeze. Adding sprigs, tendrils and flowers from our own garden gives each arrangement that comes to life in our studio a truly personal touch, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Find out more about our wedding services and how we can design you a suite of luxuriously personal British flowers here.

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