Collaboration before Competition

Happy International Women’s Day Ladies! We hope you have already treated yourself to a glass of champagne to celebrate your total awesomeness!

It was whilst on a creative day at BLoved Hive hosted by Kate from Nurture that I really homed on how truly wonderful it is when women get together, inspire, unite and support one another. It is such a fabulous feeling when you use collaboration to over write competition! (For one always being in competition with someone is exhausting and draining of creative vibes!) We are so hung up as a society that we must always compete to be the best and that ‘that’s just business’!

Image Credit- Bowtie and Belle Photography. Location- BLoved Hive 

Well I disagree, I don’t know anyone who actually likes gaining success by knocking someone else. If you are confident and believe in yourself and your unique sparkle (which you all should) there is plenty of room for everyone. Don’t feel threatened by competition take it as a complement, you are clearing doing something some one wants to be part of. Use collaboration to your advantage ladies, we are a force to be reckoned with when we support and stand by each other. Sure we don’t want someone to just ‘ride’ on our hard graft and the people who are genuine won’t take advantage or stab you in the back at the first sight of success.

Don’t let negative people or energy effect your sparkle, believe in your self and be your own inspiration. The world really is your oyster ladies! Remember a compliment can go such a long way, if you think she looks good or her shoes totally rock TELL HER! Not only will you make her feel good you will feel good about yourself.

Today seems a good day to share with you a book I have been reading, if anyone needs a pick up or to find direction again you must read ‘Girl Code’ author Cara Alwill Leyba illustrates beautifully the importance of working together in business and she does so in such a positive and motivating way, a perfect shout out for exactly what #internationalwomensday is all about!

So today and everyday be proud of what you have achieved and continue to dream big and support each other, there’s nothing a splash of Chanel, a nice lipstick, a good network of supportive ladies and smile can’t fix.

Here’s to us Ladies. Much love.


love, sarah x

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